Curriculum Notes

1. British Columbia

In British Columbia, the Grade 11 curriculum will benefit most from the film Beyond the Gardens' Wall. For example, in the Civics Studies 11 course, Unit 4: Culture, Language, Heritage, and Community, covers many of the issues that are raised in the film. Thus the film can be a useful start to a classroom discussion on citizenship in relation to immigration, racism, and ethnic communities. The B.C. Grade 12 History curriculum starts with the world in 1919, which embraces the time of the Asian community at Tod Inlet. The film is a powerful classroom tool to introduce the history of Canadian immigration issues.

2. Ontario

The Ontario curriculum covers the issues treated in the film in Grade 12, in both Geography and History programs. For example, the Grade 12 University Preparation course, "Canada: History, Identity, and Culture," can use the film as a starting point for classroom work and discussion on successive waves of immigration, culture and national identity, citizenship, multiculturalism, and discrimination.

3. Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, the Grade 8 unit on Canada – A Nation of Immigrants, teaches specifically about the immigration of Sikhs and Chinese into Canada. Beyond the Gardens' Wall would clearly serve at this level of education as well.

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